Does Religion Poison Everything – Refuting Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens

Here I want to address the common mantra that is being voiced out by the minority group called atheism. This new militant atheism usually lacks knowledge in history and other cultures. All too often I hear people repeating arguments from such people as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. The arguments goes something like this; how can you be religious don’t you know that religious people have caused all the mass murders in history and it’s done nothing but keep society in the dark ages. Of course the argument is usually more complex then this but I am sure you get the idea and possibly heard this type of argument before. Given that this is a book to defend the Christian faith that is exactly what I will do and will not defend other religions and possibly atrocities committed by people in those religions. Primarily focused on core ingredient of the militant atheist’s arguments is this, that all religions do nothing but cause harm. The problem with this argument is that Christianity has done much good for society and if this true the argument of Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins crumbles in a few seconds if a Christian can present just one good that Christianity has done for society. There are numerous things Christianity has done in the past that can be presented.

We have the abolition of slavery in England by William Wilberforce, the movement was started by protestant Christians who believed that every man was created in God’s image and no man shall have rule over another without consent. This was fought for many years originally they lost in the parliament but William Wilberforce came back and tried again this time passing the bill to abolish slavery. This was Christian movement.

Then we have the hospitals and educational structures, these were mostly all started by Christians and Jews who believed all men should receive an education of some sort. I would like to more specifically talk about one country where Christianity did much good and that is India. This country is based in the Hindu religion a pantheistic religion, which teaches if you are a morally bad person you will be reincarnated in the next life and have to work of the bad karma by suffering in this life.(please read chapter on why other religions are wrong) Given that Hinduism is prevalent in India the people would refuse to help those that were suffering because they would interfere with the karma and thus also interfere with their own karma. This is why the Christians had to build hospitals over in India, so we see here we have another good that Christianity has done.

In Australia most if not all the social welfare groups started as Christian organizations to help the poor and needy. If you actually look at all these welfare groups were all based on Christian principles and mandates given to them by Christ, to feed the poor, and give to those that were in need. I offer you a challenge if you are an atheist who uses this type of reasoning to go to the phonebook and look up the welfare societies; they are predominantly Christian and not atheistic.

I would also like to finally address an issue that Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens fail to realize in their arguments. These militant atheists are born in a Western Christian society that has Christian values, which were originally based on Christian morality. So when a disaster occurs somewhere in the world, these western Christian societies rush to send aid, you never see a Muslim or Hindu society rush to give aid, why because they do not have the same Christian values engrained into their societies that teach that one needs to actually help their fellow man when in need or disaster strikes. With all the poison, spells and delusions it is a surprise the west has ever come out of the dark ages.

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