Entrepreneurship and Capitalism – Considering the Backlash of Society

As an entrepreneur, I know that when I make more money, it is because I produced more and people voted with their dollar for my products or services. Thus, I feel very good about my endeavors and feel no need to apologize, instead, I truly believe I deserve an award. Yet, there are plenty who will stand up and call me evil, unfair or unjust. In fact, I recently read a book that was about 180 degrees from Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” the other day. It made me feel unwanted and unloved, but, I still know who I am, and I applaud the entrepreneur. Here is the book, in case you would like to read it:

“The Winner-Take-All Society” by Robert H. Frank and Philip J. Cook. 1995.

This book is a condemnation of what most people call runaway capitalism. It bothers me very much to read such books, but it is necessary to do so to understand the complaints against capitalism in order to educate folks on why everything is not so black and white and what capitalism has done for societies and civilizations. Capitalism pushes people up, socialism attempts to keep them on a level playing field while pushing people down. Communism sounds sexy in theory, but in reality is about the scariest thing one might ever consider in hindsight of history.

As the authors condemn capitalism in this book, I so badly wish to discuss the ignorance of that logic, but alas, what good would it do. The authors have acknowledgements of PhDs from most every major academic institution, yet fail to see that those very institutions were built by capitalism. It’s as if it is the academia has united against all we are and all we have built. After all, this is the greatest single civilization ever created in the history of mankind.

As a winner myself, I feel as if these clowns (my opinion) have absolutely no clue as to what they are talking about. For the ultimate liberal, anti-capitalist or self-proclaimed environmentalist; well, they will love this book. Milton Friedman and his wife could have debated this book into the ground for 40 hours straight. If you are a capitalist you will deplore this book, but you need to hear the opposition’s comments to understand the battle for what is right. It will be interesting to hear from you as an entrepreneur what you think about it.

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“America’s Assassinations and Aspirations” by Robert Bruce Baird – Reader Review

Secret societies and political involvement have both been topics of much debate throughout history. From the Illuminati, to the mafia, all the way through the KKK, people have been fascinated by their very existence. Various genres of literature have tackled these topics, leading to a peaked human interest carried on through this medium and right to big screen productions. It was only a matter of time that so-called connections were made between news-making events happening in daily society and prominent figures in the political arena. They are the people we look towards for direction and leadership, yet still they fall victim to character flaws and associations.

In “America’s Assassinations and Aspirations”, author Robert Bruce Baird reveals his own beliefs regarding many of our great historical figures and their involvement in shady organizations that still remain concealed today. Through his research, he shines the cold light of “truth” upon many events that we have come to know as our countries history and attempts to reveal the clockwork precision working behind them. Did Abraham Lincoln really free the slaves? Was Ben Franklin really trying to create electricity with his kite flying antic? Or where there bigger picture events swirling actively around these momentary stops along our perceived time line? As with any work of this nature it must be taken with a grain of salt…choose to believe what you will, research those that you don’t. Whatever the case may be, you will certainly be exposed to new theories regarding people held in high prestige and the circumstances that befell them.

Far be it from me to argue for one side or the other as Mr. Baird makes his own opinions stand strong with his investigation into our past as a nation, and beyond. Even the skeptic is allowed “room and board” within this work as he encourages the reader from the beginning to seek further proof through his listed sources as well as their own study. Recommended mainly for history buffs, this text should allow your current historical views to be broadened while raising questions that may still be to this day unanswered. Allow your inner cynic to awaken, if just for a moment, and try on a few of the notions raised by a curiously creative mind.

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